New Reefers

Multiple Specifications to choose from!

  • Dummy Test Specs Here:
    Your choice of installed unit (prices may vary), 53' x 102", Aluminum Wheels, Heavy Duty Aluminum Duct Floor
    • Extra Heavy Duty Bottom rails
    • Single end plate (Curbside and Roadside) tied rear corner gussett at last three crossbars forward of towbrace
    • 14GA  24" x 15'0" galvanized steel tire protector plates at rear subframe
    • (50) gallon fuel tank (UTM standards)
    • Phillips Qwik-E Gladhand  - with quick release valve
    • Bendix tabs-6 advanced with roll stability
    • 2 sensor /1 module ABS
    • Chevron Delo SF synthetic grease in hubs
    • Hendrickson Surelok anti-dock-walk device
    • P-Spindle type
    • Hendrickson TIREMAAX PRO Tire Inflation System with warning light on front corner (retains 5 yr warranty)
    • Conmet preset +Iron Hub sys/conmt prem seal & bearings/FED mogul hub cap / for "P" spndl & SF grease
    • .040 Alum corr side panels
    • .026 Stainless Steel diamond pattern rear door panels
    • 6"x16" rear vent with stainless steel cover on lower C/S (includes vent opening screen)
    • 36" long chrome plated grabhandle on C/S edge of RD/S door
    • 20k lbs - 1 1/2" nominal - extruded aluminum high wear duct floor - knurled for fork truck with 12" wide front tires
    • 36" additional extruded aluminum I-shaped cores for total of 72" for duct floor in center 68" of width
    • 6" extra height extruded alum standard duty wearband - total of 16" including reinforcement behind wearband
    • 2-5-6-5 clearance light package (includes clearance light on bottom rail above combos)
    • One additional stop/tail light on each side on SST buck plate with extended light protector bar
    • Trucklite super 44 SST pop-in LED flange MTD (6 DIODE) S/T/T light (enhances theft resistance)
    • (5) Grote Micronova L.E.D. P2 rated multi-function lights on rear swing door header
    • BETTS PS-1 round permit holder on roadside front wall
    • FHWA inspection report cc to be placed in permit holder
    • Base spec: USS120A-4 "ADV" Aerodynamic Black side skirt mounted below bottom rail
    • 22.5LP on Alum
    • Trailer contains HFC Foam (may not be SOLD or primarily used in State w/HFC restriction)
  • When you know exactly what you want, you still have choices!

    If ordering large groups of new reefers, you can put in a custom order with the exact specs you want.
    Need just a few for now? Through our Service Department, we can always add to our stock-ordered reefers to suit your needs.
    Call or contact your nearest Utility Tri-State Salesperson to inquire more!