2021 Utility – 53′ Reefer

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    Trailer Specs

    Model Year






    Interior Lining


    Floor Type

    Aluminum Duct

    Door Type

    Quilted Stainless Swing

    Wearband height


    Wearband Material

    Corrugated Aluminum

    Suspension Type

    Air Slide

    Axle Spacing


    Wheel Type

    Alum 22.5

    Tire Size


    Roof Type


    More Information

    Extra Heavy Duty Bottom rails * trailer contains HFC Foam (may not be SOLD or primarily use in State w/HFC restriction) * Do not notch out bottom rail at rear * Single end plate C/S & RD/S tied rear cnr gussett @ last (3) cbars fwd of towbrace * 14GA x 24″ x 15’0″ galv stl tire protector plates at rear subframe * (50) gal tank (UTM STD) last (2) cmem over legs & 1st cmem in bay area punched for tank * Phillips Qwik-E Gladhand w/quick release valve * base spec Bendix tabs-6 adv w/roll stability 2S/1M ABS * Chevron delo synthetic grease SF in hubs * Hendrickson surelok anti-dock walk device * P-Spindle type * HEND TIREMAAX PRO TIRE INFL SYS w/warn lgt on front corner (retains 5 yr wrty) * Conmet preset +Iron Hub sys/conmt prem seal & bearings/FED mogul hub cap / for “P” spndl & SF grease * .040 Alum corr side panels * .026 SS diamond pattern rear door panels * 6″x16″ rear vent w/ss cover on lower C/S (includes vent opening screen) * 36″ long chrome plated grabhandle on C/S edge of RD/S door * 20k lbs 1 1/2″ nom extruded Alum high wear duct flr knurled for fork trk w/12″ wide frt tires * 36″ addl extru alum I shaped cores for total of 72″ for duct flr in center 68″ of width * 6″ extra height extruded alum STD duty wearband total of 16″ incl reinforcing behind wearband * 2-5-6-5 clr light pckg (incl clr light on btm rail above combo) * one addl stop/tail light ea side on SST buck plate w/extended light protector bar * trucklite super 44 SST pop-in LED flange MTD (6 DIODE) S/T/T light (enhances theft resistance) * (5) grote micronova L.E.D. p2 rated multi-function lights on rear swing door header * BETTS PS-1 round permit holder on RD/S frt wall * FHWA insp rept cc to be placed in permit holder * Base spec: USS120A-4 “ADV” Aerodynamic Black side skirt MTD below bottom rail * 22.5 LP BF GDRCH ALCOA clean buff ultra one on Alum *